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12 October 2011 @ 03:21 am
Fic: ‘Tra-la-la lally.’  
Title: Tra-la-la lally.
Fandom: Lord of the Rings (movies).
Rating: (G)
Time Period: Before events in The Hobbit.
Summary: He doesn’t stray from the path.

Author's Note: This is quick ‘n’ dirty (for definition see the F. A. Q.).

Although The Hobbit is seen through the eyes of Bilbo and the songs of the Rivendell Elves as he enters the valley with Gandalf and the Dwarves might be translated as ‘Tra-la-la lally’ by him at that time, a thought occurred.

What if the ‘tra-la-la lally’ was from mischievous Elven children?

All characters contained herein are the intellectual property of JRR Tolkien, the Tolkien Estate and the Tolkien Trust & Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens (their interpretations); I am not affiliated with nor endorsed by them.


Tra-la-la lally

The lone rider follows the winding path; he can hear the rush of the waterfalls and he smiles at the sound of voices lifted in joy. He even hears the soft giggle underlying the words; the quiet around them carries the sound.

Tra-la-la lally

Lights, bobbing back and forth, appear beside the path, hanging from the trees. A smile quirks his lips but the brim of his hat hides it. He chuckles under his breath as, in the fallen evening, he can see small figures hanging from the trees, holding elven lamps, hidden from mortal view by Lórien cloaks.

Tra-la-la lally

The lights disappear and he can see the evening turn into night. Stars appear above and he finally comes to the end of his road.

Tra-la-la lally

He smiles as Elrond descends the steps to greet him; he can still hear their laughter.
Armchair DM: Matt's Cats: New Toy!armchairdm on October 14th, 2011 08:18 am (UTC)
This really does explain so much.
F. J.: Lantern & Candles: Warmmorethanacandle on October 14th, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)
It does?
Angel... Dark Wings Descending...: SWHanSoloHothangel_in_tears on October 15th, 2011 01:27 pm (UTC)
^^ I love this idea :) Very sweet!
F. J.: Lanterns: Warmmorethanacandle on October 15th, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
I wasn't very certain it'd work at first!

Thanks for giving it a chance!