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14 September 2006 @ 12:10 pm
Update: Miscellaneous.  
It's been a busy morning, as I've been doing some updating, tweaking and writing.

The layout's been tweaked, to include the sidebar once more. It's not including the calendar or blurb that is available with this particular layout with LiveJournal. The sidebar contains links within this journal, for easy reference: Contact Information (the user profile), the rules, F. A. Q., the memories for past updates and fiction as well as to an entry on graphic crediting. There was further tweaking pertaining to the text to the links on the journal itself: user info now reads to be 'contact info', 'friends' is now 'the world' and 'archive' is now 'previous months.' There's been smaller tweaking within the journal itself but that's negligible and noticeable through use.

The user info has also been changed. The changes aren't very large, in the grander scheme of everything, pertaining to the text that's there. Textually, some of the writing there has been tightened and might face an general overhaul but that's not to happen yet or it mightn't happen at all if I don't deem it necessary. Another change to the user info are that interests are now listed. They will be representative of the fiction that's posted to this entry and with each new story, there will be updating of the interests to reflect the new fiction.

Last, but certainly not least - I've written an entry on graphic crediting. It was noted in an earlier update but I felt it merited its own entry and to be listed with the links on the sidebar.

That's it! I hope everyone's having a great day (or night, depending on time zone)!