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14 September 2006 @ 11:49 am
Graphic Crediting.  
In an earlier update, graphic crediting was mentioned. Knowing that many people are visually oriented, it's worth giving a mention, with diagrams.

Don't hotlink to someone's graphics - icons or otherwise. If you sincerely adore that particular piece of graphic work by someone, then save it to your own hard drive and upload it somewhere. There're many places you can use to upload images that will allow remote linking, such as Photobucket and Imageshack. LiveJournal also allows you space to upload user pictures in the form of icons and a place to upload larger images.

Not everyone asks for credit to be given and some graphic artists also allow use of their textless icons as bases - doublecheck the text listed in the entry with the icons or even the rules on that person's user profile if it's an exclusive icon journal. It'll let you know whether it's allowed and it's usually at the top of an entry that's for icons. If it's not written anywhere, ask in a comment. Commenting's also good and sometimes, rewarding in the form of cookies, depending upon the graphic artist in question.

Crediting, while not everyone asks for it, is just a good thing to do. Not only is it advertising for that particular graphic artist, but it's also recognition, by you, for the work that they've put into those graphics. There're many different ways to give credit. It's always best, if in doubt, to ask the graphic artist in question how they would like to be credited if you can't find any particular preference for it on their journal.

One common way is in comments of a user pic.

Another way is to list them in keywords and comments. For this journal, it's what I do, as it gives me an clearer idea of which icon I'm using for a particular story.

A further way to credit is to simply list them in the keywords and that's all. For some graphic artists, that's all the recognition that they require in crediting.