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14 August 2006 @ 11:20 am
Update: News.  
This should've been written a few weeks ago, and for that I apologise.

From the F. A. Q.:
Q. When are new stories posted?
I don't work to a particular deadline on fiction. Updates will occur when they occur.
Despite the answer to this particular question on the F. A. Q., I do attempt to update regularly - not every few days since I don't have that sort of time, but a haphazard form of regularity is often my approach.

Even haphazard regularity has been interrupted as well as what I'm working on, offline, as of a few weeks ago. What happened a few weeks ago?

Two consecutive falls due to slippery surfaces and my falling the exact way, both times. I sustained an injury, which has made it difficult for me to concentrate on writing as I couldn't sit in any position long enough to do so. I was about to begin editing on a fanfiction that'd just been completed - my frustration's been very complete about it, but I've not lost the inspiration that sparked said 'fic in the first place and I will be editing it soon as well as concentrating on the non-fiction journal once that's done.

I'd like to apologise for lack of update and fiction in the past weeks. I wanted to sit and write this update sooner, but it's only been recently that I've been able to sit long enough to write it - as many people can attest, seeing the shorter than usual entries in my personal journal for the past weeks and suddenly, they're becoming longer.

Thank you for your patience and again, I apologise for the lack of news or update.