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11 February 2006 @ 10:25 am
News: Extras  
After some careful deliberation and discussion, I've decided to post what are going to be called 'extras'. These will be what I call 'character sketches' - something that I tend to write when wanting to get into a character's mindset to see where they are in their present state of mind or even just something fun and silly.

As mentioned in my user profile, I participate in online roleplay and I do write, on occasion, for characters I roleplay. The extras, I must confess, will more than likely encompass these characters.

As these are 'extras', the entries will be locked and viewable only to those who have friended this journal and a lot of these won't be the polished work of what's posted publicly - I don't tend to edit these, as it's usually something that's written quickly, to give me insight.

I'd simply like to give something to those who have friended this journal.

And now, back to some writing/research.