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10 April 2010 @ 04:19 am
Update: New prompt table!  
It took me a little while (a matter of hours) to realise something that I’d filled in the entire prompt table and that honestly surprised me enough to take my breath away!

Ten (10) prompts, three (3) stories per prompt until it was filled ...

Wow. That was thirty (30) stories!

I was also looking at what fandoms were within those pieces of fiction: Merlin, Psych, Middle-earth (both for LotR and in general for the movie-verse), Monk, Blackpool, Star Wars, Torchwood + Doctor Who and the Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (again, this was the movie-verse). That also surprised me and took my breath away.

Again: wow.

During the time the first prompt table was posted, back in January, I’ve written all these different stories, including a couple that weren’t for the prompt table (both Star Wars). Each story was different and had me feeling my way back into the swing of things.

Back in March, I posted a couple polls; one of these polls was for the prompt table and whether it should continue. Due to the results (everyone who voted liked the different stories that it had inspired as well as wanting it back due to those different stories), I’ve posted a second prompt table and put it in the place where it says ‘prompt table’ in the links on the side.

At the moment, I honestly don’t know when the Project, in some form or another, will be picked back up by me; I’ve been enjoying the time off as well as wading through some stuff in my life. Not bad but different things have happened that require my attention. I might also use the prompt table, again, as a way to explore different things as I did with the first one. It should be fun. Also, I’m going to continue with the quick ‘n’ dirty stories (see F. A. Q. for definition of this term) as it’s been fun to do those for the prompts and I’ve liked doing them.

I know this is possibly a reaction from the very, very, very long hiatus I had to take (and which lasted for a year) but it’s been a fun reaction!