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25 January 2006 @ 08:27 am
Update: FAQ, Rules & A Request.  
Due to some emails I received whilst away, and to save anyone who's friended this journal recently having to hunt for them, I'd like to remind people of the F. A. Q and the Rules entries. Both entries are updated when need requires it. Simple documents and they let people know (since this has been asked) about how regularly I update etc.

Now, the request.

The user info asks that you email me a request for my earlier works at Elfwood and contains an email address you can use for this.

I would like to ask that people who would like to friend my personal journal do this also (unless you see me posting in a community as that journal, and then, ask me there). For those who haven't noticed, I'm security conscious and very much so.

I've been stalked through the internet by fans, and in one particular incident, it spilled over into real life - hence why I ask if you email requests for the Elfwood library I possess (if you receive that link, you'll understand why). I don't think anyone who reads this journal would behave as above mentioned but I tend to keep all 'collateral damage', to borrow a phrase, down to a minimum.

Thank you, everyone, for being remarkably understanding.