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07 March 2010 @ 03:07 pm
Update: Break out the polls!  
Back in December, I wrote a series of stories that was eventually entitled ‘Tis the Season. The ‘Tis the Season series of stories were purely for fun for anyone to indulge in reading to match the season. What I would like to know is whether people think the ‘Tis the Season series of stories should be continued in December. Let me know by voting in the poll below!

Poll #1534814 'Tis the Season.

Should 'Tis the Season return as a series of holiday stories?


Onward to the second poll!

As everyone knows from the updates, I posted a prompt table back in January and a lot of the stories written since have been written in response to those prompts. How it works is that a table is posted and when each prompt is filled, I post a link to the story under the appropriate prompt, if the story has anything to do with any of the prompts. A prompt is considered ‘filled’ when there are three (3) stories for it; with ten (10) prompts, this will tally up to thirty (30) stories.

When looking at the table recently, I noticed that all the prompts are nearly filled and I was wondering what did anyone think of the prompts. Did they think the prompts were working or should they be scrapped and morethanacandle return to how things were previously, with my posting once every few months and probably only in one fandom?

The questions for the poll are a lot more closed than usual since this is purely to see whether the table has been liked and should be kept.

Poll #1534815 Prompt table.

What does everyone think of the prompt table?

It's been interesting, especially with the different stories it's inspired.
It's not worth it.

Should the prompt table be kept?

Yes - I've liked the different stories.
Nope - I liked how it was before.