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03 March 2010 @ 05:09 pm
Update: F. A. Q. updated.  
Blame an excess of creative energy and not having anything else to do: I’ve updated the F. A. Q.

I’ve been playin’ around with HTML, wanting to make it look prettier, and I realised the other day that some of the answers to the questions should either be updated or slightly rewritten and the whole thing needed to be more organised (I’m noticing this has been happening a lot more lately!); this all came after learning that someone had read it and I went to check it out as it’d been a while since I’d last read it!

After some fiddling, I’m happy with how the F. A. Q. now looks and I also added the date it’d been edited to the bottom so I was aware of when it occurred; it’s good to know when your HTML skills are starting to look as they once did!

So, the F. A. Q.’s now updated!