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01 March 2010 @ 05:51 am
Update: A Public Service Announcement.  
In the last update, I mentioned: Unfortunately, this won’t last and I’ll be dropping back to the occasional update and story as I step back into my life and try not to let it kick me around again.

As everyone can see from the continuing influx of fiction in February, this didn’t occur. Instead, the ‘time out’ half continued while I did some background work for The Project and worked on stories for the Valentine’s Day poll. After the indefinite hiatus and coming to realise that I haven’t had a holiday in quite some time, I’ve extended the ‘time out’ for the moment while I work on some stuff for the Project and enjoy life in general; I came to realise that I haven’t had a ‘time out’ in approximately four years due to various things and I wanted to extend the current one for a while! Nothing more to it than that! What it does mean, though, is that I’ll be pestering friends’ list with pieces of fiction for at least the next month or so; I hope everyone can forgive me!

Actually, I think that’s it – just a PSA to let everyone know I’ll still be around more frequently than expected!

That’s right!

I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the Valentine’s Day poll. It was hugely successful this year, which was quite unexpected, and I hope no one was disappointed by the result!

Take care!