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08 February 2010 @ 12:51 am
Update: Very quick reminder - Valentine’s Day poll!  
What’s the morethanacandle Valentine’s Day poll?
Each year since it was able to be done, there’s been a Valentine’s Day ‘fic at morethanacandle (except 2008; I was still on the extended hiatus). Usually, it has been quick and spontaneous. In the first two years it was held, the poll was conducted at my personal journal. Last year, I decided to open it up and it was held here, at morethanacandle, and it was a great success.

This year, it’s being run again and if you’d like to vote, please do so! It should be noted that I do not promise to write a story for any one fandom or pairing – I tend to write whatever’s in mind at the time as the Valentine’s Day story tends to be spontaneous.

Past results
2006: ‘Affirmation of Life.’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2007: ‘Here, now.’ (Sólo Dios sabe; Damián y Dolores)
2009: ‘Not allowed & not fair.’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)

Vote in the poll for your preferred prompt: ‘one kiss’ or ‘one night.’

The poll ends February 10.