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01 February 2010 @ 03:25 am
Update: Ah, those memories, the prompt table + poll!  
It feels like months since I last made an update post that wasn’t about a hiatus or impending hiatus! I know it’s been a while but when writing updates, I still half-expect, in the back of my mind, to be having to say I’m about to go on indefinite hiatus!

Don’t worry – I’m not about to say I’m on indefinite hiatus again! There are a few things I would like to mention so bear with me!

The memories have been updated to make it neater to navigate (and for my sanity when looking for stories or updates!). Just to explain what’s been done: I’ve moved a lot of things around! The changes:
  • Basics no longer exists – instead, there’s a category of Admin: Updates + more! which is where people will be able to find the updates pertaining to polls and other updates I’ve had to make.
  • Admin: Prompt table now exists; I’ve started using prompt tables and I don’t want to lose when I add new ones amongst the other updates.
  • Extras now exists as General: Extras - they covered a lot of different things that I’m thinking I might reinstitute.
  • General: Mixed now exists. In the memories, each fandom gets it own category (an example: Star Wars: Obi-Wan & Padmé and Star Wars: General). I realised, while looking at the memories, that there existed a lot of categories where a new story hadn’t been posted to that particular category in years (in the case of one category, I hadn’t added anything new in almost 4 years) and so, I made a new category and moved them there. The fandoms have been added to the title, as well as pairings if needed.
And that was all for the memories.

It may have been noticed that there’s been an sudden influx of stories this month since the prompt table was posted. However, it’s not simply due to the prompt table that these stories exist!

For the months of December and January, I took a ‘time out’; as has been mentioned in previous updates, life has had me by the throat and has been strangling while, at the same time, kicking my butt. I needed that ‘time out.’ This is why there’s been the sudden influx of stories (inspiration from the prompts gave form to very vague ideas that have been swirling around in my mind for years). Unfortunately, this won’t last and I’ll be dropping back to the occasional update and story as I step back into my life and try not to let it kick me around again.

As for the prompt table, it can be found over on the side (the right) on the list of links pertinent to morethanacandle. That link will be updated each time there’s a new prompt table posted so that people can see the link to the current prompt table and check it out whenever they’d like. All prompt tables will be memorised so check out the memories to see the past ones (Admin: Prompt table). A new prompt table will be posted when the current table is filled. What’s considered filled?

Three (3) stories per prompt. With ten (10) prompts …

Months could pass before that table is filled!

It’s also that time of year again: the Valentine’s Day poll!

Normally, this wouldn’t be posted until closer to the day but I’m impatient and I also have an idea for the results of the poll and I’d like to use this year to experiment a little.

So, please fill out the poll below! The poll will close on February 10.

Poll #1519169 Valentine's Day 'fic.

Which prompt should be used?

One kiss.
One night.