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16 January 2010 @ 11:53 pm
Update: Helping Haiti.  

A doctor has taken 100 people into his home. Aid and provisions of many kinds are being sped to Haiti; officials and aid workers are working as fast as they can to get that aid and those provisions to people as quickly as they can.

How can you help?

help_haiti is a LiveJournal community that’s been formed by people banding together to help those who survived that devastating earthquake that hit Haiti not that long ago. What the community is doing is running an auction to raise funds to help Haiti.

What’s for auction?

Fanvideos, fanfic, icons and other assorted graphics of various fandoms, as well as other items, are being put on the bidding block to raise the much needed funds for Haiti. If you don’t feel you can help by offering something for the auction, there are links to many different organisations where you can put in a donation just to help!

To visit the community, just click on the banner above or visit help_haiti for more details on how you can help.