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22 December 2009 @ 12:24 am
Fic: ‘Tis the Season: It definitely was the season.  
Title: ‘Tis the Season: It definitely was the season.
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: (G)
Time Period: During the first year of Teal’c being on Earth.
Summary: ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Author's Note: This is quick ‘n’ dirty (for definition see the F. A. Q. or check this post for the definition).

The idea for this story has been bugging me for approximately one week. It was time to simply write it!

All characters contained herein are the intellectual property of Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich (original film) and Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner (TV series) and MGM; I am not affiliated with nor endorsed by him.


A knock on the door was one sound almost lost amidst the talking, laughing and music. Someone had slipped a CD in the player so now Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, the Chipmunk version, was grooving around the room.

“Oh funny,” Jack called back into the room. He shook his head, rolling his eyes as he did, and pulled the door open.

And blinked.

He closed his eyes, counted to ten and opened them again. Yep, that’s what he’d seen: a Jaffa in a Santa hat.

“We both did the same,” Daniel commented as he slipped past Jack into the room. Carter nodded, simply to confirm what Daniel had said, and followed Daniel, leaving Jack staring at Teal’c.

“Is it not festive O’Neill?”

“Yeah, it is. C’mon in Teal’c.” Jack stepped back to let Teal’c in; he could take up a lot of space and Jack simply wanted to admire that hat. “So where’d the hat come from?”

“I asked Daniel Jackson to acquire it for me.” Teal’c’s voice flowed deeply between them. Jack closed the door. “It is the season to be jolly, is it not?”

“Yeah. It is.” There wasn’t much else to say and Jack usually had a comment for everything. “Welcome to the party Teal’c. Make yourself at home.”

“I will attempt to be festive O’Neill.”

“Knock yourself out, Teal’c.”

“How does one knock themselves out? Does that not mean they are then unconscious?”

“I meant go have fun, Teal’c.” Teal’c inclined his head and moved away into the crowd. Jack nodded once, slowly, and … “I need a beer.”
Armchair DM: Igor: Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!armchairdm on December 21st, 2009 01:38 pm (UTC)
*simply rolls on the floor laughing* Oh this is beautiful. Though I'm going to have Teal'c running around in my head for several days now saying with a Santa hat on!
F. J.: Christmas Candlesmorethanacandle on December 21st, 2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
I am glad I was able to portray them so well that you rolled on the floor laughing, if such might have truly occurred, armchairdm.