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26 November 2009 @ 04:50 pm
Update: To congratulate, thank & apologise.  
Disclaimer: There’s a few things I want to say so this might ramble. My apologies if it does!

This is important: I wanted to wish lealynnkenobi congratulations! I saw that she came first in a recent challenge at obidalastills. It’s a lovely icon. Again: congratulations!

I didn’t write the fantasy story I’d mentioned in the last update - I couldn’t get it quite right and so, alas, it didn’t come together very well (at all). Thank you to the comments left – they did help when it came to putting together ideas for the story and if anyone would still like to leave comments, feel free; all I ask is that people read the entry before leaving the comment so you know it’s relevant and don’t receive a ‘… huh?’ answer from me.

I also need to admit defeat. Back in 2006, I ran an entry asking if anyone had any requests; three (3) people responded and I managed to fulfil two (2) of those requests by the end of that year and then got stuck on the third. I’ve been working, on and off as real life allows, on that third request ever since and a few times, I might’ve gotten close but, now, I have to admit defeat. I can’t get that third request written; I’ve got several drafts that can attest I’ve tried but failed.

This is me, officially, admitting defeat on that third request; I can’t fill it due to the fact that what was asked? I can’t see how it can be done and still remain true to the characters. A lot of what I do, as seen in the fanfiction here, is try to stay true to the characters and it’s always wonderful to hear that people can ‘see’ or ‘hear’ what I’ve written and those same people also comment on the emotions that a particular piece of fanfiction might stir up for them. I apologise to that third respondee but I cannot fulfil that request.

And here’s where I apologise for not writing more. As mentioned in the last update, real life has had its hands around my throat while kicking my butt from one corner of space to the other. I’ve also had The Project (mentioned in an earlier update) kicking me around and it keeps quite firmly in its grasp. I’m not complaining but between it and real life, my schedule is full.

So, basically, this update is to congratulate, thank and apologise. I’m really glad I saw that lealynnkenobi had first place in the obidalastills challenge, thanks for those comments about fantasy, I’m sorry for not fulfilling that third request and for not writing more. However, about the not writing more? I might have an idea about that …
Armchair DM: Igor & Carson: Waitingarmchairdm on November 26th, 2009 07:43 am (UTC)
Thanks for the update! Any writing you can do will be devoured... and if you can't it's all good. You need to be comfortable with it after all.