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13 December 2005 @ 01:31 pm
Update & Poll: To icon, or not to icon.  
Lines from Hamlet are currently running around in my head, hence the subject line for this post.

Before the poll gets its mention, there has been an update. It's a minor update, but one of the answers in the FAQ has been expanded, in order to (hopefully) clear misunderstanding as to whether any fanfiction that I write has been/or will be posted at Elfwood.

The answer also includes direction to an contact email address on the user info page, so people don't post their email address in a comment. This is a public forum and I know that some people, myself included, have a couple of different email addresses to use for various mailing lists or groups that they've joined, including LJ. However, despite not checking that address regularly, some people do use these addresses for spam (if no other reason) and I would like to encourage people to use the email address on the user info if they would like to contact me regarding the Elfwood library.

Now, to the poll.

In keeping with the theme of the journal's name of morethanacandle, the icons (as can be seen at my user pictures) have been along the theme of candles. The object has also been to use images that are neutral for the icons and so as not to influence reader perception. However, I've also considered using icons that would reflect the story (Obi-Wan, for a Obi-Wan centric story, or an appropriate Obidala icon, as examples).

This is something I've been considering for a short while and decided to get reader input - hence the poll.

If you'd like to leave a comment with your opinion as to why you think yay or nay, please feel free to do so; I'm asking for your input!

Poll #632633 To icon, or not to icon.

Should appropriate icons be used for stories, or the neutral icons?

I think the neutral icons should be used.
No, no! It should be appropriate icons that reflect the story.

EDIT @ December 20 2005
This poll closed December 20 2005.
Thank you to all who participated.