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11 February 2015 @ 03:18 am
Update: C'mon on down!  
It's back! It's bad! It's the Valentine's Day poll.

Influenced as I have been by chocolate, I decided to go for a theme this year and both will be chocolate. However, what the choice may be is entirely up to you!

Don’t forget to vote and spread the word of the poll! It should be noted that I do not promise to write in any one fandom – I tend to write whatever’s in mind at the time as the Valentine’s Day story tends to be spontaneous. If you wanna check out what's come before, there's a list of stories below you can check out!

And now, the poll:
Poll #1998658 Valentine's Day. baby!

What should it be:


To see past results of the poll:
2006: ‘Affirmation of Life.’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2007: ‘Here, now.’ (Sólo Dios sabe; Damián y Dolores)
2009: ‘Not allowed & not fair.’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2010: ‘In the midst of the woods.’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2011: ‘Known, and unknown dangers.’ (Part I of II)
‘Into the unknown.’ (Part II of II. Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2012: ‘turn around’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2013: ‘By the lake.’ (Harry Potter; Lily Evans & James Potter)
2014: ‘A puzzling gift.’ (Doctor Who; Amy Pond & Rory Williams)