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04 May 2008 @ 09:56 pm
Update: Alive I am. Voyeur Yoda has become.  
Not very long ago, I received an email asking if I were still alive; it’d been a while since I’d written any ‘fic, Star Wars or not. The person who’d sent the email had been watching morethanacandle and had noticed a slight regularity in the ‘fic postings this year.

To answer that person’s email so they’re not concerned (too much) with my well-being, I’m quite well. My life offline is quite busy and I’d not updated since the last ‘fic due to this.

However, part of that busy-ness has been due to a new ‘fic I’m working on. It’ll be posted in parts as it’s quite long (compared to my usual stories which are relatively short) and it’s still in progress. There’ve been some ups and downs in the writing process, interruptions of inspiration and me wondering if I’m on crack to consider writing it.

To answer any first questions regarding this ‘fic? It’s Star Wars based which is a fandom in which I’m somewhat comfortable. It’s been difficult to write as it’s outside my ‘comfort zone’ which ordinarily wouldn’t be a problem except for my current circumstances being what they are: insane and busy.

One problem I’ve had for this ‘fic is finding icons that’d fit for it. However, here’s hoping I find one soon!