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12 April 2008 @ 06:08 pm
Fic: 'Not shutting up.'  
Title: Not shutting up.
Fandom: August Rush.
Rating: (G)
Time Period: After events shown in August Rush.
Summary: Louis is on the phone.

Author's Note: This ’fic is ’quick ’n’ dirty’ (for definition of this term, check the F. A. Q.). Waking after a late night viewing of August Rush, I found the inspiration easy for this although I should’ve been concentrating on something else!

All characters contained herein are the intellectual property of Paul Castro, Nick Castle & James V. Hart; I am not affiliated with nor endorsed by them.


“Marshall, I’m no’ quittin’ th’band. I’ve jus’ go’ ... it worked out wit’ Frank, didn’t it? Marshall, listen t’me.”

Wit’ Marshall, it’s easier to have this conversation on th’phone. Long distance helps in no’ gettin’ slugged.

“Listen t’me, Marshall. I jus’ found ‘er again. This isn’t like last time. No, it’s no’ about tha’.”

I can’t explain t’ ‘im over th’phone I’ve got a kid. It’s still news to me f’r Chrissakes! Abou’ eleven or twelve years, he is. Tha’ kid from th’park, August. Tha’s wha’ blows m’mind; I’d met ‘im and we’d jammed a little. Th’kid’s go’ talent an’ tha’ can’t’ve come from me. I’m honest; ‘m’jus’ no’ tha’ talented. Lyla, though, is. She shares so much wit’ ‘im tha’ I don’t.

Bu’, if I ‘ave ‘er, I ‘ave t’have ‘im, too.

Th’whole situation jus’ blows m’mind, still.

“Marshall, y’arsehole, listen. There’s stuff ‘ere t’sort through. Talk t’y’soon.”

I glance t’th’open door where August stands. “Is something wrong?”

“No. Jus’ finally gettin’ someone t’shut up.”

He smiles. How could I no’ accept him? Money makes th’world go ‘round, Connelly, I tell m’self. Pep talk, ain’t tha’ wha’ it’s called? “Where’s y’mam?”

“Practice. She’s decided to stay in New York so I can go to Julliard.”

I smile. “Gives us a bit o’time t’talk, then.”

Tha’ smile o’his is brilliant. “And not shut up?”

Snickering, I nod. “An’ no’ shut y’up.”