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27 November 2014 @ 05:33 am
Update: Presents thinking.  
It's taken a little time but the percolating is done.

I think.

Man, I hope it is.

As we all know, December is the time for 'Tis the Season. I was (am) considering, sprinkled amongst the stories, small presents, to thank folks for reading through the year (I'm truly grateful). So, let's get down into the dregs of the percolating and see what I came up with.

1. The presents are part of 'Tis the Season and will be nothing more than stories I come up with in keeping with 'Tis the Season. These are not requests; they're my gift to you.
2. In order to preserve anonymity, the presents will be anonymous. I’m thinking of 'guilty pleasure reading' that not everyone wants to admit to ('guilty pleasure reading' is an example as to why people might want anonymity; I’m not trying to limit anyone by saying 'guilty pleasure reading'). You want to send me a link privately and ask if it’s for you? Go ahead; the private message will be just that: private. However, you should be able to work out if the story is a present to you by content, if nothing else.
3. There are default icons for 'Tis the Season: a gold candle or any admin messages during the month o December and a gold(ish) coloured present for a default icon for stories that have no appropriate icons; these aren't changing. 'Tis the Season presents will have their own special icon; I'm thinking a git of some kind.
4. All stories will be on the 'Tis the Season prompt table. 'Present' stories will be distinguishable by the icon mentioned in #3 above.
5. Comments aren't being discouraged from being left on presents; I'm just wanting to preserve anonymity of the recipients if the presents as mentioned above in #2.
6. Presents will be randomly given throughout the month; I'm not setting them to a schedule. 'Tis the Season is random and will remain so.

Actually, that all isn't too bad, coming from my brain and feeling rough. Now, what I'd like from you is the following: comment to this entry (all comments will be for my eyes only; anonymity and all). It'll let me know you're in for this, if nothing else. If you wanna add any fandoms or 'ships you follow, let me know in this comment; the lists will help prod any inspiration, if I'm lacking, and I admit I may not be for 'Tis the Season.

Comments on this entry will be closed by the time the third 'Tis the Season story is up.

I'll also add: pass the word along. Not everyone who is a regular reader of morethanacandle has it friended.

And I think that's it.

Man, I hope that's it.

I keep thinking I've forgotten something.