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02 January 2014 @ 05:12 am
Update: Ch-ch-changes to the prompt table!  
After finishing ‘Tis the Season recently, and its prompt table, I got to looking at the current prompt table and realising its been around since mid-June 2012; wow!

And seeing how filled it was (it wasn't). It got me wondering; those are beautiful prompts that are inspiring, especially if taken as a whole. So, why hadn't I filled those prompts? I got to a little investigating and looking over previous months.

The spacing on the tables are off somehow. I did do 3 stories per prompt for 6 tables but they currently look like, on some of them, that I did 2 stories per prompt. I was also distracted by various things, including story ideas, and the prompt table passed out of mind. I'd also closed myself off from that table and psyched myself out. But the most recent ‘Tis the Season changed that.

To sum all that up: a lot of stuff was involved. So, I made a decision and made some changes accordingly.

For this prompt table, and the next two, it'll be 1 (one) story per prompt; it's for 3 (three) tables to see how it goes and to discover whether people like it or find it easier in any way. Like the December prompt table, each prompt will be filled with an icon; unlike that prompt table, the icon will be for the story itself (the one used on the story). The present prompt table has been edited to reflect this change.

Wow; what a mouthful! However, here's hoping the changes will work out and that I'll be around more in 2014; I was around in 2013 but not as much as I'd've liked. Hopefully, that'll change!

Speaking of changes, the comments on this update will be screened and left open so you can tell me if you like the changes to the prompt table.