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13 December 2007 @ 12:24 am
[Special] A moment of questions.  
A mug of hot chocolate cupped in her hands, cinnamon stick leaning against the heated ceramic, almost encased in sweet-scented steam, there’s a grin and some tugging at the hem of the black hoodie that’s keeping out the coolness of the recent rainfall.


And then it begins.

About the only ones would be any chance of a repeat of the request fic idea, and, if your circumstances were better right now, (so may be in the future), any chance of a holiday special?
Request ‘fic? I don’t know, honestly. I still haven’t completed last year’s requests! [Face falls into a palm for a moment and shake of head.] Presently, due to other commitments, I don’t have as much time to focus on fiction, of any kind!, and those commitments are growing in intensity and there’ve been life interruptions as well. Maybe when I’ve got last year’s requests completed and everything else settles, I might open up for requests once more. But not until those circumstances change to being in my favour.

As for holiday specials ... that’ll have to wait and see. As aforementioned, I have other demands on my time, so, it’d depend on whether I can achieve balance in those other commitments so I can achieve some free time to focus on something that’d grab my attention.

Oh, and where do you get your inspiration from? I've had ideas for some things for a while, but whilst the ideas are there, the joining them up to make a cohesive story is... not.
This might sound cliché but my inspiration comes from anything. It could be a snippet of conversation, watching interactions between other people or a flash of whimsy. Or fanvideos and icons made by graphic artists on LiveJournal; I utilise the icons of emiv and houseoficons primarily, especially emiv of late – they capture the imagination.

It truly comes from anything that captures my attention and then the imagination takes flight, often literally.

As for pulling it together to create a story? Once I get the inkling of an idea, it’s noted down and I just run with the idea. That’s the simplest way to explain it and it’s the only way I tend to be able to verbalise it. Most of the time, I just write.

Prose before the questions belongs to FJ. The questions belong to their author.