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05 February 2013 @ 12:25 am
Update: Valentine's Day icon: got to look!  
This year, I didn’t forget the Valentine’s Day poll; I’ve decided to run it until February 13 and keep the options the same.


I’ve taken the ‘one’ off each one so instead of ‘one night’, it now reads ‘night’. Very simple.

The poll is below and don’t forget to vote and spread the word of the poll! It should be noted that I do not promise to write in any one fandom – I tend to write whatever’s in mind at the time as the Valentine’s Day story tends to be spontaneous.

Poll #1894505 Val;entine's Day. 2013

Which prompt?


To see past results:
2006: ‘Affirmation of Life.’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2007: ‘Here, now.’ (Sólo Dios sabe; Damián y Dolores)
2009: ‘Not allowed & not fair.’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2010: ‘In the midst of the woods.’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2011: ‘Known, and unknown dangers.’ (Part I of II)
‘Into the unknown.’ (Part II of II. Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)
2012: ‘turn around’ (Star Wars; Obi-Wan & Padmé)