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26 December 2006 @ 02:47 am
Fic: 'It Was The Hat.'  
Title: It Was The Hat.
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: (G)
Time Period: Inter-film - AotC & RotS.
Summary: The hat made him do it.

Author's Note: Random inspiration is often wonderful. Special thanks are given to duskwillow for the icon; unexpected and wonderful! Partially inspired by a recent Christmas vid. of Ewan McGregor by mya_scarlet. Quick 'n' dirty, for the holiday!

All characters contained herein are the intellectual property of Lucas; I am not affiliated with nor endorsed by him.


It tickled.

With a flick of his fingers, the snowy woollen ball at the end of the crimson hat fell over his shoulder. “M’lady, when asked to attend you for the day, fashion was not mentioned within the mandate by the Council.”

“Is this a formal protest, Master Jedi?”

“Yes, m’lady. I must insist upon it, for the universal dignity of the Jedi.”

“Your words will be considered in due course.”

“Th— due cou— ” His mouth closed around a sweetmallow thrust suddenly into his mouth; it was shaped as a hook and striped, red and white. There seemed, he deduced, a theme with the candy and the hat. Whether it was deliberate or not, he couldn’t fathom; he’d not foreseen the piece of confectionery presently in his mouth.

“In due course, Master Jedi, means in due course.” Nimbly, the ball at the end of the fur-trimmed hat was set to rest over the front of the robe quite jauntily.

“M’lady,” as the candy was removed from his mouth, “I cannot attend Council in such attire.” His blue gaze fell to his hand, briefly, and the sweet he held. It hung in the air briefly as he wiped his fingers on his outer robe.

“Master Jedi, it would be most interesting if you did so. You would have to record the session in order to prove that such an event took place.”

He watched the candy being plucked from the air. “M’la—” Something would have to be done about that piece of sweetmallow, he decided, as he took it from his mouth once more. “—dy, I’m going to protest this treatment to the Council.” It was also difficult, he discerned from the peal of laughter that burst from her, to maintain any semblance of decorum in this situation.

The hat. Most certainly, it was the hat.

“Master Jedi, on what grounds?”

“The hat.”

It was also difficult to ignore the music with its siren song that beckoned …

“The hat?”


“What about the hat?”

“It tickles.”

Another peal of laughter. A Jedi might be left to think that his complaint wasn’t being seen with the gravity it deserved! His expression, as he regarded the very amused Senator, was cool. Serious. Perhaps a touch of wounded pride.

“Master Jedi, we should negotiate.”

“… negotiate?” He had a bad feeling about this, suddenly.

“You are known to be the Negotiator, aren’t you?”

That bad feeling didn’t subside. Instead, the candy was stuck back in his mouth, hanging from a corner of his lips. No adjustments were made to the hat as he reached out and tugged her to him, with a sudden burst of a smile and his brows lifted. Waggled, he twirled her around and pulled her close against his body. “All I want,” in soft tones by her ear, “is yooooooooooooooou.” A higher note reached and as brown eyes met blue?

The candy in his mouth was withdrawn as his lips pressed against hers, swiftly and momentarily. The woollen ball tickled his cheek was the final decision as he held her close, before they began to dance and the sweetmallow was replaced in his mouth with another waggle of his brows.

… it was definitely the hat.
F. J.: DuskWillow: Santa Obi-Wan! (RotS)morethanacandle on January 1st, 2007 06:06 am (UTC)
Thank you kindly, for your comment and the time taken to read this. It was a pleasure to write - and I'm very happy it was coherent, given the hour and the amount of laughter involved!

Candy canes, Obidala and santa hats are an awesome way to celebrate Christmas!

If curious, I do have further Obidala written and available through the memories. Quite a few people recommend the 'deleted scene' for its humour if that intrigues you.