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17 November 2011 @ 01:20 pm
Update: Distraction from Leroy.  
Recently distracted by Leroy (I blame Quint at AICN), I decided to re-distract myself with ‘Tis the Season.

So, ‘Tis the Season will run for the month of December (until its usual stopping date of Christmas day with a definite stopping date of January 1 2012; I know I sprinkle some ‘Tis the Season stories that ‘didn’t make the cut’ afterward) and there will be a special ‘Tis the Season prompt table.

How the prompt table will work is that there will be at least one story per prompt; unlike the usual year-round prompt tables, it won’t need thirty stories to be considered complete. Some prompts might have more than one story but my aim is one story per prompt.

There’s a post where folks can suggest prompts and those who have already done so?

Thank you! You have been so very generous with the prompts that they’re making me grin in anticipation!

Remember guys, if you’ve not put prompts in and would like to, there’s still time! Prompt suggestions (comments are screened) will be accepted until November 29 as the next day will see the ‘Tis the Season prompt table up!

And yes, a red hat will be back; you never know when or where it’ll strike.